Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling a little worse for wear after the silly season?

The new year is supposed to see us feeling refreshed and revitalised. However, for most of us Christmas and New Years often leads to a little more excess than we planned. 3 course lunches with your partner's family, followed by drinks with friends, followed by dinner with the folks, followed by breakfast with long lost Auntie Edna (you get the picture) can start to take it's toll.

If you're feeling less than 100% it might be time to give your liver a little support. There's no getting round it, the less alcohol you drink, the better you eat and the more you exercise the better you're going to feel. There is one other thing you can try though... RealChai Caffiene Free Blend with Organic Roasted Dandelion Root.

Yup that's right, there is a RealChai blend made especially with your liver in mind. Dandelion Root has long been used in traditional medicine to support digestion and liver function.

Here's how it's said to work...

Bile is essential for digestion. It is a fluid secreted by the liver and gall bladder to emulsify fats for digestion. Researchers have found that dandelion can increased the flow of bile by 3 to 4 times! Researchers have also found that dandelion stimulated bile to the same extent as an injection of bile into the liver.

I don't know about you but a nice cup of RealChai sounds a whole lot more pleasant that an injection of bile to the liver, yikes!

If you are wanting to detox a little after the holidays, it's always good to reduce your tea and coffee intake. RealChai Caffeine Free blend is the perfect alternative There's no tea in it whatsoever. I've replaced the tea with Dandelion Root so it's caffeine free and liver cleansing at the same time. Perfect!

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  1. Well said. Not only is it good for you, but delicious too! All you need to do now is start selling in NZ! :o)