Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Agave – My flavour of the Month.

Want an alternative to honey or sugar in your chai? Try Agave Syrup. It’s a natural plant sweetener that tastes delicious and has a low Glycemic Index (which means its absorbed slowly into the bloodstream.

Agave syrup is like really liquid honey. The flavour is slightly sweeter than honey so you can use a little less but it tastes very similar in your chai. Seeing as I drink so much chai I like the fact that it’s low GI and promotes healthy probiotics in my stomach.

Agave actually comes from the cactus plant. Not all Agave syrup is created equally. The one I use is Loving Earth. If you google Agave there are some reports that it is actually bad for you as it is chemically processed and high in Fructose. This is not the case with Loving Earth’s Organic Agave Syrup. It uses no chemicals and contains no Fructose or any starch. Try it for yourself and see if you can feel/taste the difference. For more detailed info about the health benefits of Agave visit: Loving Earth's Website